Florida’s Minimum Wage Increasing to $10 Per Hour September 30th

The largest minimum wage increase in Florida history is just weeks away! On September 30th, Florida’s minimum wage will increase to $10 per hour. That’s $1.35 more per hour than the current minimum wage and $1.44 more than last year’s minimum wage. A quick peak at the calendar confirms that employers have plenty of very little time left to prepare for this historic wage increase.

The upcoming increase is required by the $15 Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative (Amendment 2), which was approved by Florida voters in November 2020. Amendment 2 increases Florida’s minimum wage incrementally over a period of years until it reaches $15 per hour. The first (and largest) increase will occur September 30, 2021. It will then increase annually on September 30th per the following schedule.

2021                       $10.00

2022                       $11.00

2023                       $12.00

2024                       $13.00

2025                       $14.00

2026                       $15.00

2027                       Annual adjustments for inflation resume.

As of September 30, 2021, a minimum wage employee working full-time will need to be paid an additional $54 per week. Depending on the workforce make-up, the resulting increase in payroll expense may be minimal for some and substantial for others. Nevertheless, all employers must plan and prepare beforehand to avoid unintentional, unnecessary and costly violations. Employers should also look beyond this year’s record-breaking increase when budgeting for payroll. There will be five more increases under Amendment 2, each of which is large enough to tie the current record for largest single increase in Florida history.

To reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes, employers should provide wage and hour training to managers and supervisors. Employers should also carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance with limited coverage for wage and hour claims.

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