Risk Compass®

Risk Compass®

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Risk Compass is an online software application that helps organizations define, communicate and reinforce desired workforce behaviors. Risk Compass is an automated communications, performance, incentive and measurement tool designed to maximize economic benefit and maintain the optimal relationship between operational risk and enterprise value.

  • Mitigate operational, employment, safety and labor risks.
  • Provide objective standards for evaluating employee performance and operational strength.
  • Ensure consistent enterprise-wide communication, monitoring and support.
  • Reinforce desired behaviors and address deficiencies.
  • Increase employee motivation, productivity and communication.

Risk Compass is a customizable and scalable performance management platform that integrates into existing procedures and initiatives so organizations can pro-actively manage operational risks by reducing communication breakdowns that lead to bad decisions and poor performance.

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Risk Compass® is provided by The Human Equation in conjunction with Setnor Byer Insurance and Risk.