The No Collision Zone: Making Smart Driving Choices

The No Collision Zone: Making Smart Driving Choices

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The direct and indirect costs of motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. The goal of every business should be to prevent and minimize injuries and damages that are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Employees who use or operate company vehicles or who use or operate personal vehicles for business purposes must be committed to traffic safety and accident prevention.

Road hazards and careless driving cause accidents. The likelihood of an accident can be reduced by reinforcing awareness of those driving habits that are safe and proper and by drawing attention to those that are not. This approach helps drivers better understand the skills and behaviors that produce a safe and reliable driving experience.

Employees who use or operate company vehicles or personal vehicles for business purposes.

30 - 40 minutes

To educate drivers on the consequences of unsafe driving and review driving techniques and decision-making processes that reduce the incidence and severity of accidents, personal injuries and property damage.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • identify personal and professional consequences of unsafe or impaired driving;
  • describe the importance of complying with traffic laws and company policy;
  • ask questions that help assess both emotional state and smart driving choices;
  • recognize the dangers of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances;
  • identify techniques for dealing with stress before and while driving;
  • identify unsafe behaviors associated with time pressure and ways to remove or manage time pressure; and
  • perform pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections.


  • Making Safety Your First Goal
  • Understanding Your Frame of Mind
  • Managing Your Time Effectively
  • Reducing Distractions
  • Maintaining a Safe Vehicle